St Vincent Carnival

With origins from African roots and mixed with Caribbean and local folk lore, St Vincent Carnival has grown to be the island’s premiere national and cultural event. “Vincy Mas”, as it is popularly called, epitomizes the celebration of talent, artistry and craft as displayed by steel pan music, Calypsonians and Masqueraders.

Held during June and July, this carnival festival is considered by some to be on par, if not in size, with Rio Carnival, Trinidad Carnival and New Orleans Mardi Gras. Major highlights include the Miss Carnival Show.  Over the past decade, the Miss Carnival Show has become the Caribbean’s premiere Beauty Pageant.  Other highlights include the Dimanche Gras Show, which highlights the finals of the National Calypso Monarch Competition, the King and Queen of Carnival featuring large and elaborate Masqueraders and Costumes, and the Panorama when steel bands attempt to outdo each other in a musical crescendo.


St Vincent Carnival – 2015


2015 St Vincent and the Grenadines Carnival

2015 St Vincent Carnival