100 Things to Do in St Vincent and the Grenadines

St Vincent and the Grenadines is an archipelago of 32 islands and cays. This string of islands is located in the warm, tropical waters of the Southern Caribbean. As anyone can imagine, there are an abundance of fun and exciting things to do. Below is a list of 100 things to do in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The list starts with the main island of St Vincent, followed by Bequia, Canouan, Union Island, Mustique, Mayreau and elsewhere in the Grenadines.

St Vincent

  1. St Vincent Carnival
  2. Swimming, Snorkeling and Sun bathing
  3. Go Scuba Diving
  4. Enjoy the Vistas of Belmont Lookout
  5. Belair Mineral Spring
  6. Bask in the Warm Waters of Trinity Falls
  7. The Black Point Tunnel
  8. Buccament Bay
  9. Take in a Cricket Match at Arnos Vale Stadium
  10. Visit Kingstown Fish Market
  11. Shop in Kingstown
  12. Visit Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Set
  13. Dark View or “Darview” falls
  14. Young Island Resort
  15. Falls of Baleine
  16. Visit Kingstown Market Square
  17. Go Swimming at Richmond Beach
  18. Visit the National Museum
  19. Rawacou Recreation Park
  20. Visit Wallilabou, St Vincent
  21. Picknik at Mount Wynne Beach
  22. Cumberland Beach Recreation Park
  23. Visit Georgetown
  24. Calliaqua
  25. Layou
  26. Barrouallie
  27. Visit Fishing Villages
  28. Flow’s Wine Bar
  29. Rabacca Dry River
  30. Fort Duvernette

Land Diversions

  1. The La Soufrière Cross Country Trail
  2. Take a Walk in the Botanical Gardens, Kingstown
  3. Hike the Vermont Nature Trail
  4. Visit Mesopotamia Valley in Central St. Vincent
  5. Drive the Scenic Leeward Highway
  6. Take a tour Up Windward Highway
  7. Hiking the Hills of St Vincent
  8. Explore Montreal Gardens
  9. Tour Youroumei Heritage Village
  10. Owia Salt Pond
  11. Take a Tour of Scenic Queens Drive

Sea Adventures

  1. Sail Around St Vincent and the Grenadines
  2. Dive Anchor Reef
  3. Dive Bat Cave
  4. Go Deep Sea Fishing
  5. Take a Charter Aboard Fantasea Tours
  6. Dive The Wrecks
  7. Dive Petit Byahut
  8. Go Scubba with Indigo Dive

A Little Bit of History

  1. Historical Kingstown Tour in St Vincent
  2. Visit Fort Charlotte, Kingstown
  3. St. George’s Anglican Cathedral, Kingstown
  4. St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kingstown
  5. Explore Layou Petroglyph
  6. Nine Mornings Festival


  1. Tour the Island of Bequia
  2. Sunbathe at Princess Margaret Beach
  3. Hop Aboard the Grenadines Ferry Services
  4. Visit Firefly Plantation Bequia
  5. See the Turtles at Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary
  6. Visit the Seaside Town of Port Elizabeth
  7. Walk Along Belmont Walkway
  8. Swim at Friendship Bay Beach
  9. Snorkel at Industry Bay
  10. Go Diving at Devil’s Table
  11. Watch Master Craftsmen Building Boats
  12. Enjoy Bequia Easter Regatta Boat Racing
  13. Sail Aboard the Friendship Rose
  14. Enjoy the Bequia Musical Festival
  15. Island Hop aboard the Octopus Yacht
  16. Visit Hamilton Fort
  17. Explore The Natural Buildings at Moonhole

Canouan Island

  1. Visit Canouan Island
  2. Play Golf at The Grenadines Estate Golf Club
  3. Sail with The Moorings Yacht Charter
  4. Go Swimming at Grand Bay Beach

Union Island

  1. Visit Union Island
  2. Swim up to the Bar at Happy Island
  3. Discover Chatham Bay, Union Island
  4. Snorkel at Big Sand Beach, Union Island
  5. Climb Mount Parnassus, Union Island


  1. Visit Mustique with Royals and Pop Stars
  2. Enjoy Drinks at the Legendary Basil’s Bar in Mustique
  3. Listen to Blues at Mustique Blues Festival
  4. Snorkel at Lagoon Beach in Mustique
  5. Surf at Macaroni Beach in Mustique
  6. Stay at the Cotton House in Mustique
  7. Relax at the Breath-taking Lagoon Beach in Mustique
  8. Snorkel and Swim at Britannia Bay


  1. Visit Mayreau in the Grenadines
  2. Go Swimming at Salt Whistle Bay
  3. Visit Myreau Church
  4. Dive the Puruni Wreck, Mayreau


  1. Swim and Snorkel Tobago Cays Marine Park in Grenadines
  2. Snorkel Horseshoe Reef, Tobago Cays
  3. Salt Rock, Grenadines
  4. Stay at Palm Island Resort, Grenadines
  5. Visit this Gem of Mopion Island, Grenadines
  6. Petit St Vincent, Grenadines
  7. Petit Tabac, Grenadines


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