Union Island

As the southern gateway to St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Union Island is a superb destination for sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Union offers deserted, white sandy beaches and a bustling Clifton Harbour from where the day-charter yachts depart.

Union Island - Grenadines

Unspoilt Beach

Union Island is located just a few miles from the Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Petite St Vincent, and Canouan. So, hop aboard a charter yacht and explore these unspoiled gems of the Grenadines. Or enjoy the Easterval Regatta, which occurs during the Easter weekend with festivities including boat races, sports and local calypso competition and more.

Union Island has some superb beaches. The best is Big Sand beach. Beach lovers will also enjoy Chatham Bay on the west coast, Bloody Bay on the northwest coast, and Richmond Bay on the north coast. Conditions are excellent for snorkeling in Lagoon Reef, which protects most of the southern coast of the island, especially around Frigate Island, just offshore from Ashton.

Union Island - Grenadines

Union Island – Chatham-bay

Union Island - Grenadines

Union Island-Big-Sand-Beach

Union Island is untouched by tourism and very is relaxed. Shopping is good, with plenty of quaint and stylish boutiques. In the middle of Clifton Harbor sits Janti’s Happy Island, a man-made island constructed entirely out of conch-shells. With a bar and restaurant, happy island is popular with tourists and visitors. Be sure to try the local lobster, and to wash it down with a glass of local rum.

Ubion Island - Grenadines

Appropriately named Happy Island