Canouan Island

Canouan Island, at the center of the Grenadines, is the most commercially developed of the Grenadines islands. Canouan Island, the Carib Indian name for “Island of Turtles” because of the many turtles around, is home to a couple of luxury resorts and several pristine beaches.

Although Canouan Island is only 1.25 miles by 3 miles, it is still the 3rd largest in the Grenadines. A large corral reef spans the eastern shores of the island creating a protective barrier from the Atlantic Ocean. Just 5 miles south is the Tobago Cays Marine Park, five uninhabited cays popular for snorkeling and diving.

In 1990, Canouan was an undeveloped fishing village with a population of only 200. It was during this year that Italian Antonio Saladino, a successful Swiss bank, while vacationing on Mustique sailed with friends to Canouan.