Bequia Island

Bequia Island is the largest of the Grenadines islands, located 9 miles south of St Vincent, and measuring 7 square miles. The native population of approximately 4,300 is a mixture of African, Scottish and descended of Carib Indians.

The island is rugged with hills that are much lower than the mountains of St. Vincent. There are abundance of harbors and bays, with Admiralty Bay on the west coast, a large natural and sheltered harbor, serving as the island’s main port.


Bequia, pronounced “Beck-way”, has an abundance of white sandy beaches and coral reefs. The main town Port Elizabeth, which is located in Admiralty Bay, is a bustling yachting harbor.


At the southern end of Admiralty Bay is the pristine Princess Margaret Beach. Princess Margaret, who had a home on nearby Mustique island, visited Bequia many years ago and had a beach named in her honor.